can you put paper towel in air fryer

Yes, you can use a paper towel in an air fryer. However, keeping the following in mind:

1. Use Parchment Paper: While you can occasionally use paper towels in an air fryer, it’s generally safer and more convenient to use parchment paper. Paper towels are more prone to burning and catching fire than parchment paper, which is heat-resistant.

2. Prevent Obstructing Airflow: If you use parchment paper or paper towels, be sure they don’t block the airflow in the air fryer. For consistent frying and obtaining that crispy texture, proper ventilation is essential.

3. Be Wary of Greasy Foods: If you’re frying food that releases a lot of grease or oil, like bacon, using a paper towel or parchment paper can help absorb extra grease and stop it from pouring into the heating element of the air fryer.

4. Cut Extra Paper: If you choose to use parchment paper or paper towels, please sure to cut off any extra that may protrude beyond the basket in order to prevent it from coming into touch with the heating element.

5. Review the Manufacturer’s Instructions: Always consult the user manual for your specific air fryer for instructions on how to use paper towels or parchment paper as suggestions may vary by brand and type. In conclusion, you can normally use parchment paper or a paper towel in an air fryer as long as you’re aware of the airflow and take steps to make sure it doesn’t cause any problems when cooking. However, because parchment paper is made for high-heat cooking and won’t present the same fire risk as standard paper towels, it is the preferred option for the majority of air fryer fans.

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